Dear Mama's, Papa's and wee bears,

If this job teaches you anything - it is that one person has so much love to give, more than they realise! With each job and family I take on - I wonder "can I really love yet another child (or 3)?" but there we go - before long, I am wrapped up in their arms, covered in slobber and a wide mouthed kiss - and my heart explodes yet again!

I have said in a previous post that this job emotionally does take it's toll - I really do fall in love with each family - and by golly, when that ticking clock comes to an end it is heart breaking.

My partner will attest to many tears at the end of a year when it's time for me to say goodbye.

That's the funny thing about a job where you love someone else's kids! It's kind of like going into a relationship, knowing you are going to fall head over heels only to 'break up.' But you know what - I wouldn't have it any other way!

This is one of the most beautiful jobs I could have ever asked for! I am the person that is welcomed and trusted in the homes of many - to love, support, nurse when sick, sometimes see the firsts that parents don't see, to cry, to laugh, to go on adventures and be that extra attachment or special person in their life.

So why choose in home care over or along side creche/childcare?

For different families there are many different reasons why they employ someone in home to care and educate their children. For some it is an alternate to childcare, others it works alongside so as parents don't feel like their children are away from home every day. Some families work from home - this way they can still interact with their children throughout the day and others (particularly families with children in their first couple of years) value developing strong secondary attachments.

Slowly my service has become one that is not just utilised for care purposes while parents are at work - but is very much strongly based around the idea that they are choosing someone that they want their child to build a close relationship with.

These early relationships are so so important, particularly in the first three years, as they are what set the foundation for the rest of their lives. It is becoming more and more common for families to live further from grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles - that children are not necessarily building the attachments with these people - that my position in home has become something very special, that is highly valued within the modern family unit.

It can be very hard to explain to people exactly what my position is - as I have so many that evolve with each individual family! But if I was to explain it simply what motivates my service - it is love.

That may sound all 70's free loving hippie of me - but it is the essence of all things in life. I don't think there is really any greater gift for a child starting out at life - nor can they ever have too much of it!

So there we have it Mama's and Papa's, I love your wee bears!

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