Here we are. A fresh year, a fresh start. I don't know how I feel about 'new years resolutions'.. rather than jumping to change because of the new year.. for me (this new year) has provided me with the chance to reflect upon myself personally and professionally. To acknowledge the year passed and have pride in where I have come, how I have grown and in turn how I would like to evolve.

I have been reflecting on who I am and what I want to be. Professionally I am looking to create a service that is special, that develops a healthy wellbeing for families, which aids in supporting the foundations of what it means to be human - from infancy.

I have decided to steer away from the word 'teacher' 'educator' and 'nanny' - for these words just don't encompass what it is that I wish to develop or even what I provide already. Instead toying with the words such as family and infant wellbeing. However nothing is set in stone.

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a healthy human and my passion for the early connections we hope to develop during childhood. This is where much of my love for the RIE approach to childhood stems from.

Although I had already known this was my strength and area of interest - it really wasn't until my heartbreaking 'break up' with a couple of my families, that I realised just how strong those bonds can be. I call it a break up - not because they ended badly - quite the opposite! But because my heart really did ache when we finished our final days.

The thing about this position is these bonds are as strong with parents as they are with the children - or at least they should be. In order to create the safe, loving and healthy confines of this kind of relationship and service - you need to be able to develop the love, respect and trust for all stake holders. I don't know that there is any other job in the world that requires love as part of the job requirement.

I don't value what I do for what I can 'teach' children.. but for the love, respect, loyalty, compassion and trust I can provide for a family. and in turn the extension of that family that I become. However through these - this is where the true learning exists.

So rather than a resolution this year - I have discovered that I am further defining myself and what I can provide for families. It can be hard to do this though - define yourself in the sea of people around you all trying to do the same thing - aiming to make their own special mark ; yet alone create something that doesn't quite exist as a simple career title yet.

However, nameless is my job title right now - it is lovely to sit here, and find the space in my heart to see that I have already created something special - that it wasn't so much defining - but realising.

This job is a beautiful one. I think one of the most precious. I am honoured everyday to be welcomed into the arms and hearts of so many children and families.

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