I value the importance of building lasting partnerships with the children and families, I believe that a child’s sense of belonging is the foundation for love of learning, development, relationships, communication and a positive sense of self.


I respect the individuality of children and their families and aim to develop a experiences rich with culture and diversity. 


I believe children are competent and capable, I encourage children to learn through discovery and child initiated activities. I aim to work together with children to co-construct knowledge that is meaningful to the child.


Play in nature is of up most importance and it is in my personal philosophy to encourage outdoor play rain or shine!


My philosophy is informed by current and on going research, philosophies taken from Reggio Emilia, Scandinavian educational practices and inspired by the work of Magda Gerber and her RIE philosophy.


Most of all, I value children and childhood and I respect the quality of daily life experiences and secure attachments that they deserve.