Sarah has cared for our son since he was 11 months old. He had not been cared for by anyone else until then so I was naturally nervous, however, they quickly formed a solid bond. She fills their days with interesting and thoughtful activities that cater to his interests and personality and also introduces him to exciting new things. I think our son has blossomed from the experiences he has had with her. She has a gentle approach to care and strong set of values that flow through to her work with children. She is not a ‘plonk in front of the TV’ type of carer. Sarah is loyal, respectful, non-judgmental and trustworthy, and I have never felt uncomfortable having her in our home. I highly recommend her.




Love having you involved with our little one Sarah. Appreciate all the hard work you do and the extra mile you go to!




My daughter's face always 'lights up' with any mention of Sarah's name. The care she provided was enriching, positive and consistent. Sarah is reliable, highly qualified and passionate. I highly recommend her service. 


There was a certain element of anxiety when we started to look for someone to care, encourage and laugh with our firstborn. With meeting Sarah the trepidation easily dissipated and a beautiful relationship between Sarah and our now two boys has grown. Sarah listens, engages and nurtures them, also encourages fun, exploration and independence. There is much excitement when its Sarah’s day at our house! Thank you x


 I am absolutely delighted to connect with Sarah. She is a leader who is extending her own thinking and learning through research. Sarah is present and interested and she speaks with intelligence. She is particularly skilled in fostering creative thinking and independent problem solving in young children.

Ruby, Nanny Match